Falcon 4 Entertainment: Week of September 6



Gretchen Troxell and Gretchen Troxell


Spontaneous’ (2020)

To put it into simple terms, the main premise of “Spontaneous” is high school students randomly exploding. You know the feeling when you’re sitting in math class next to your best friend and POP! all that’s left is their tangled guts and puddles of blood? Yeah, it’s exactly like that. Of course with all of that going on, the students are expected to continue focusing on their studies and social activities. “Spontaneous” is also a love story between two teenagers living with the knowledge that either one of them could explode at any moment. This bloody romantic comedy is available on Hulu.


The Long Walk’ by Stephen King (1979)

The title of this book perfectly describes the plot of the story. This Stephen King dystopian horror novel revolves around an annual competition in which 100 teenage boys must continue walking at a consistent pace of 4 mph without stopping. If they go below the acceptable pace or stop walking, they are allowed three warnings before being disqualified, and in this race, only the winner comes out alive. A novel revolving around walking may sound boring, but King does an excellent job creating a gripping and horrific story solely through the use of dialogue and character interactions. This book is sure to scare slow walkers everywhere.


Dynasty’ (2017-)

In one word, the main theme of “Dynasty” is drama. This show focuses on the two main goals of all rich families: to protect themselves and to get richer. Fallon Carrington is the heiress to her family’s fortune, but she soon finds herself in trouble when she tries to destroy her father’s new marriage. In retaliation to her father’s behavior, she partners up with a rival company, creating chaotic friction in the family. Everyone in the family speaks their minds with zero hesitation and is never afraid to give a firm slap to the face. This show is ridiculous and therefore, hilarious. “Dynasty” is available on Netflix.


Take Off Your Pants and Jacket’ by blink-182 (2001)

From the iconic band that blessed the world with singles such as “All The Small Things” and “What’s My Age Again?” that still blast over the radio, “Take Off Your Pants and Jacket” is the perfect album to scream about teenage angst. The album covers everything from the butterflies before a first date to the resentment created over a parental divorce. It is juvenile, exciting and borderline explosive. This album has the special ability to make everyone connect back to the cheeky mistakes and misadventures of their youth and forget, for a moment, the chaos of today.