Falcon 4 Entertainment: Week of August 30



Gretchen Troxell and Gretchen Troxell


Aftermath’ (2021)

If you recently fell back into your old Twilight obsession after all the movies were added to Netflix, “Aftermath” should be your next watch. This movie was directed by Peter Winther and stars Ashley Greene, the actress who played Alice Cullen, and Shawn Ashmore as a young dysfunctional couple who unfortunately decide to move into a house where a gruesome double-murder occurred. It is not long before unexplainable events begin to occur, and it becomes clear that their house is haunted. There is only one word to describe the ending of this movie and that is bonkers. Plus, even worse, it’s based on a true story! “Aftermath” is streaming now on Netflix.


The Suicide House’ by Charlie Donlea (2020)

“The Suicide House” revolves around one night at an Indiana preparatory high school in which two students were brutally murdered by their teacher. Although the teacher was convicted, there are various groups still interested in the story, specifically in the fact that a number of other students who were there that night have gone back to the murder site and killed themselves there. This book follows multiple perspectives as some fight for the truth, others work to protect dark secrets, and everyone tries to stay alive. The mystery is slowly revealed throughout the book, but no matter how many clues you notice, rest assured, the ending is still sure to shock even the most careful reader.


Dead to Me’ created by Liz Feldman (2019-)

This Netflix Original starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini is the epitome of a dark comedy. The show follows polar-opposites Jen and Judy who meet at a grief support group. Jen is the definition of a hot-head especially after her husband was killed in a hit-and-run, and she is stubbornly determined to find the person responsible no matter the cost. Judy is seemingly her exact opposite and a constant optimist. Judy immediately seeks to befriend Jen while also working to hide a destructive secret in order to protect Jen. This Emmy-nominated series perfectly mixes humor and suspense, and the last season is currently in production.


Riot!’ by Paramore (2007)

This album is the definition of an oldie but a goodie. Despite its age, “Riot!” remains relevant today as two members of Paramore, Hayley Williams and Joshua Farro, were just made co-writers of Olivia Rodrigo’s hit song “Good 4 U” which shares similarities with “Misery Business,” a single from the Riot! album. Riot! covers a variety of pop genres including emo, alternative, and rock and is meant to showcase raw emotion, hence the album title. The songs on this album are energetic and meant to be screamed at the top of your lungs while cruising down the highway at 3 a.m.