‘Crazy’ Craig juggles entertaining students, hosting variety show

Some students walking around campus may have seen the man who juggles pins and performs tricks by the Union, but not all students know exactly who he is. This is alumnus Craig Wise, more commonly known as “Crazy Craig.”

Craig Wise graduated from the University in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in theater, and enjoys coming back to campus to perform because it reminds him of his own college days, Wise said.

“When I’m juggling outside the Union,” he said. “I’m mostly practicing new tricks for my Crazy Craig Family Comedy Juggling Variety Show.”

Although people don’t usually stop to watch, Craig said he gets lots of compliments on how impressed people are.

Freshmen Jessica Siekfer and Candace Vance see him at least once or twice a week while walking to class.

“He makes me happy every time I see him,” Siekfer said. “Once I saw him juggling while on roller-skates.”

Siekfer and Vance are amazed at what he can do.

“I just wish I could do what he’s able to do,” Vance said.

Wise is part of the Juggling Club, which meets every Saturday.

“[I am] looking forward to having the International Juggling Association come to Bowling Green in July 2013,” he said. “Which is a week long of international juggling competitions and performances, and workshop sessions and training for all types of things.”

Wise was first introduced to juggling while he was at fair. He was so inspired that he bought a pair of devil sticks, a type of baton, for himself and practiced so that he could perform for a school talent show, he said.

He then moved to Connecticut, where he lived one mile from an amusement park called Lake Compouce. He applied to be in entertainment there since he thought he was pretty good.

“Now that I look back at it,” he said. “I could only do a few tricks with three balls and twirl the devil sticks pretty well.”

He got the job as a costume character and practiced juggling on the streets. After working at the park for three years, Wise became very talented at juggling, and went on to do shows all throughout his college career, he said.

After having moved back home for a while, Wise is back in Bowling Green with girlfriend, Sara, and friends Tom Wade and Brian Scavo.

Wade, freshman, first saw Wise performing at the Union and musical events. He enjoyed the tricks and eventually started chatting with him. Coincidentally, Wade then started working at the same restaurant Craig was employed with, and they became good friends, Wade said.

Wade has gone to see Wise’s acts and said he is a big people person and always stays interactive in his shows.

“He’s definitely the only person I’ve ever seen to balance five chairs on his chin,” Wade said.

Another one of Wise’s friends, Scavo, graduated from the University in 2011 and is now the founder and host of Koncrete Jungle at Clazel. He first saw Wise practicing in front of the Union and stopped to watch and talk. Later on, Scavo talked to him about performing in Koncrete Jungle, which premiers monthly at the popular bar/dance club downtown.

“Craig is quite amazing,” Scavo said. “I definitely have a lot of respect for him.”

Wise performs many shows with different varieties and is available for bookings throughout the year. More information and contact information is on his website at www.CraigCrazy.com.