City police dismiss rumored stabbing

Rumors of a stabbing downtown circulated through social networking sites after a fight broke out on North Main Street on Friday night.

BG 24 News first reported the rumor through its Facebook and Twitter on Saturday that “BGSU students claim they saw pepper spray, flower pots being thrown and even a stabbing in downtown BG last night. No comment yet from police.”

The University later released a statement through Twitter and Facebook that BG 24 News later shared.

“There is a rumor being spread on Twitter and Facebook that a stabbing occurred last night in Bowling Green. This is false. We have confirmed with City of Bowling Green Police and BGSU Police that there were no reports of a stabbing or similar violence” according to the University’s Facebook page.

City police deny any reports of a stabbing, but said flower pots were broken in the process of a fight and the shards may have cut people.

Anthony Thiebaur, who was bar-backing at Uptown Downtown on Friday night, said he saw a fight broken up by police after they dispensed mace into the area.

The police said the use of mace was not targeted at one person, just the area of a fight.

The fight grew large enough that police told workers at bars, such as Becketts Bar and Grill and Uptown Downtown, to lock their doors.