A letter from President Mazey

Dear students,

Welcome to the fall 2012 semester at Bowling Green State University.

As a student, I always loved the feeling of new possibilities as I prepared for fall semesters. As president of Bowling Green State University, I have the same feeling as I think of all the opportunities and experiences awaiting you.

Right now, you are immersed in organizational tasks such as stocking up on the right supplies, figuring out how to get from class to class, and taking care of paperwork.

However, I encourage you to set aside some time to think about the big

picture too.

What do you want to get from your four years at BGSU?

The effort you put into answering this question and then seeking out the experiences that will help you meet your goal will directly shape your educational journey.

This journey will be unique for each of you, but one thing is true for all of us: The more we put into an experience, the more we gain from it.

I encourage you to work hard, immerse yourself in the life of the University, and take part in activities that will enrich your academic learning and your understanding of the world.

This is an especially exciting time to be at BGSU as we continue to expand our academic opportunities with classroom and experiential offerings that prepare you for a global marketplace.

We also have many new and renovated facilities that provide a wonderful backdrop for a world-class education, from our residence halls and dining centers to the updated Bowen-Thompson Student Union.

You can attend basketball games, concerts and more at the Stroh Center and head to The Wolfe Center for the Arts for theater, music and arts events.

With so much to choose from, know that we are committed to helping you every step of the way.

With a robust one-stop tutoring and academic assistance hub at our Learning Commons, teams of academic advisors, and faculty and staff within our nationally recognized programs, you will be engaged, challenged and prepared for a meaningful future.

As a first-generation college graduate, I can certainly attest to the power of education to change lives.

My mother told me to get an education, and I am so glad that I listened. It was my education that provided me with the path to achievement and a most rewarding career.

I look forward to personally welcoming you to campus.

Have a wonderful semester.

Mary Ellen Mazey, Ph.D.