Falcon Screeches for Monday, January 9

So, after the thousands of dollars I have already paid to obtain my college education, I have to pay $35 to graduate? Was my $40,000 not enough? The one major lesson I learned is that people will nickel and dime you to death if they can get away with it.


Why do professors assign homework before classes begin? Talk about an intimidation tactic. Because of this, I instantly hate you as a professor. Break was short enough and you had to end it a week early. My grudge toward you will be held throughout the whole semester.


I am finally excited for a new semester to begin, and everyone I work with comes down with pink-eye. Now instead of chatting up the lovely ladies in my classes, I will be sitting in the back of the room incognito trying not to spread it. Thanks, guys.


To my roommates, I understand that I am the maid of the house, but you guys can clean up after yourselves while I’m gone. There were three bowls in the sink and when I came home after three weeks, the same bowls were there. Unless you want to split rent with the ants and fungus you invited over, I suggest you guys clean sometime.