New hand dryers considered for residence halls

Reporter and Reporter

With the discussion of renovating the older residence halls, Campus Operations is thinking of starting small by replacing McDonald Hall’s bathroom hand dryers and paper towel dispensers.

The project is only a “potential project at this time and has not yet taken place,” said Sustainability Coordinator Nick Hennessy.

If the project continues to proceed, “it will be in connection with other significant renovations in McDonald Hall,” Hennessy said.

He said the “proposed” new hand dryers are called Dyson Airblade hand dryers. They will be energy efficient in a number of ways such as using less electricity and drying hands in just seconds, which means they will operate for a shorter time.

“This also means there would be savings from using fewer paper towels, as well,” Hennessy said.

The Green Initiatives Fund, which is available money for applications by University students to fund an assortment of environmental friendly projects on campus, might be hearing from students about similar projects for other residence halls.

“There are no immediate plans for such hand dryers in other residence halls as of now,” Hennessy said.

Hennessy emphasized how this is only a potential project and nothing has been fully decided or done yet.

“This project is only under discussion at this time,” he said. “It also has not even been determined if they are even being replaced.”

Hennessy also said that there are some Dyson Airblade dryers on the ground-floor restrooms of Olscamp for anyone who is curious.

“I heard we were getting the hand dryers where you put your hands down inside and they are dry in less than 15 seconds,” said freshman Elliot Gillet.

He said that there has been talk between students about this last semester.

“I don’t think that the bathrooms will be as trashed with paper towels if these fast hand dryers are put in McDonald,” Gillet said. “Plus, energy efficient is always better anyway.”

Gillet wasn’t the only student who thinks that these new hand dryers would be a good idea.

“The girls’ bathroom is always trashed with paper towels on the floor and on the countertops,” freshman Chloe Loft said. “It’s embarrassing walking out of the bathroom with a paper towel stuck to your foot.”

Andrea Depinet, the Director of Campus Services, is the person in Campus Operations who is looking at this potential project currently.

Depinet said that campus operations will be performing some renovations summer of 2012.