Falkon Nutrition Club weighs in on community health

Reporter and Reporter

The new year is a popular time for people to lose weight and get in shape. In Bowling Green, people who need help or a good starting point can use the resources available at the Falkon Nutrition Club.

Located downtown, the Falkon Nutrition Club was established to help the community, both students and residents alike, to be healthier and better informed, said Lamont Green, a University alumnus who works as a volunteer at the club.

“Our mission is to have people get better nutrition,” Green said. “We want to educate them on how to make healthier choices that can have an impact on their lives.”

While the program has always helped people of the community lose weight, Green said this year is the first that it has an actual number goal in mind. It’s called the “One Ton Challenge.”

The challenge is to have the community of Bowling Green lose more than 2,000 pounds during 12 weeks, while also teaching people how to live healthier and keep the weight off.

“Every week during the challenge, we will have meetings where we will discuss basic knowledge to stay in better shape,” Green said. “Every week will be something different, such as protein or wheat.”

There are usually around 20 people at each meeting or taking part in the club’s programs, but there is no limit to how many people can participate, Green said. It’s for anyone interested in getting healthier.

Green’s involvement with the program started when it had a positive impact on his own life, he said.

“I had weight problems for most of my life,” Green said. “Then I started following the guidelines of this program, and taking advantage of the resources they had. I lost 125 pounds and I have been able to keep it off.”

Green wanted to help others live healthier and get into better shape.

Through Falkon Nutrition, he has been able to do just that, he said.

“Lamont and the other volunteers have been very supportive,” said Melanie Machovima, a senior who is following the program. “Since I’ve started the program, I’ve lost about a pound a week,”

Besides teaching people about eating healthy and being active, Falkon Nutrition also offers alternatives to fatty foods, such as protein smoothies, herbal teas and herbal aloe shots for energy, Green said. These can serve as “replacement meals” for breakfast or a quick lunch to help cut out fast food, he said.

“It’s been great for me because I don’t have to prepare multiple meals a day,” Machovima said. “My schedule is full with classes and what not, and the smoothies are a great way to get a quick and healthy meal.”

There is another “One Ton Challenge” that begins on February 9.

“It’s for the whole community,” Green said. “We have students and city residents both take part in the challenge. It’s our goal to make a positive impact on the entire community.”