Board of Trustees approves tuition increase, design plans

Students will pay about $175 more in tuition and fees this coming fall.

The University’s Board of Trustees approved the 3.49 percent increase in tuition and fees per semester at its meeting June 21.

Tuition will increase by $149.80 per semester and general fees will increase by $25 per semester, according to University Chief Financial Officer Sheri Stoll, who presented the Board with information about the increase during the meeting.

This past year, full-time students paid $4,307 per semester, and this fall students will pay $4,456.80 per semester, Stoll said.

The general fee increase will affect all students, but the tuition increase will only affect a portion of students.

There will be no increase in out-of-state tuition for undergraduate or graduate students.

The Board of Trustees members met with Stoll individually to discuss the tuition and fees before approving the increase at the meeting, said Board Chair William Primrose. The Board also considered that state support is expected to decrease by $2.8 million compared to this past year, Primrose said, according to a press release from the University.

“As always, our goal is to keep costs as low as possible while maintaining our high-quality educational experience,” Primrose said, according to the press release.

Student retention is an important goal for the University, but President Mary Ellen Mazey said she doesn’t think the raise in tuition will have an effect.

“I think we’ve got enough positives as far as our retention plan,” Mazey said.

Mazey said she hopes the increase won’t affect students greatly.

“We talked to student leaders, and they understand,” Mazey said. “The most important thing is to ensure [students] a quality education.”

Mazey also noted that other Ohio universities are raising tuition as well.

The University expects 125 more full-time students this coming fall, Stoll said.

The increase in students means almost $1.3 million in new revenue for the University, according to the press release. The enrollment for this coming fall is projected to be approximately 15,130 students, according to the press release.

The Board also approved the design and pre-construction plan for the Student Recreation Center.

The projected budget for the project is $11 million, which will include a new entrance, expansion of the mezzanine level and upgrades to the gym area, according to the project description.

The project will be funded with money from recreation sports renewal and replacement reserves.

“[There is] a lot of work ahead,” Stoll said in regards to the renovation. “[We] have to determine what should be incorporated in that range.”

The Board also re-elected Primrose for a second one-year term as chair.

The Board adjourned in the morning to see buildings on campus and for a strategic planning session, Primrose said.