Campus ghosts could haunt SyFy channel

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Students who have experienced an unexplainable event, a creeping chill or a sighting of supernatural figure are needed by the SyFy channel.

On June 20, the SyFy channel will debut the premiere of “School Spirits,” a show about paranormal activity at universities and schools nationwide. The show will give students the chance to explain and relive paranormal experiences they experienced while in school.

“Near the beginning of each show you’ll see the tag line ‘Every campus has its secrets,’” said Robyn Lattaker-Johnson, vice president of SyFy unscripted programming, “The show is designed to feature real stories of students from all types of schools.”

The first six episodes of the show will feature college and universities, but the other episodes will feature paranormal stories from high schools as well. The stories will illustrate multiple eye-witnessed events or a series of unexplained events that have happened over time.

“We wanted to hear stories straight from the witnesses themselves,” Lattaker-Johnson said. “It makes what is seemingly unbelievable come to life and become convincingly real.”

The SyFy channel has been looking into paranormal activity at universities because of the misconceptions people have about the college experience.

“When you think about college, it should be the time of your life,” Lattaker-Johnson said, “But what happens when it all goes haywire?”

Although the SyFy channel has collected stories from students nationwide, students have reported paranormal activity at the University.

The University has a reputation for being the home to a few ghosts on campus, one of them being Joey, who resides in Kohl Hall.

“Joey, he just liked to mess around with you,” said Molly Sandmann, a junior dietetics major who lived in Kohl Hall her freshman year. “He never meant any harm.”

Joey was a cook’s son in Kohl and one day he was killed in a kitchen fire in the dorm, she said. He now haunts the girls’ dorms in Kohl and he is notorious for resetting alarm clocks and hiding keys, Sandmann said.

“He would take my key and put it in my sock drawer,” Sandmann said. “Sometimes my things would be misplaced or in a different spot then where I had put them because

of Joey.”

The ghost of Joey is known to still haunt Kohl, but some of the residents enjoy having him as a part of their living experience.

“I loved living in Kohl, even with Joey it was a cool experience,” Sandmann said.

Other paranormal sightings reported at the University have come from University Hall. University Hall hosts two ghosts — a janitor ghost and Alice.

The legend behind the janitor ghost is he escorted women out of the theaters in University Hall, but one woman he tried to escort died on her way home, said Sarah Knoke, a recent graduate. The janitor now haunts University Hall and tries to ward off men who are in the theater.

A well-known ghost who haunts the Eva Marie Saint Theater in University Hall is Alice. Alice was a performer at the University, but unexpectedly died in a car accident, Knoke said.

Before each performance from the theater department at the University, the stage manager of the production must invite Alice to the performance or else things will go haywire,

she said.

“She was more active towards the end of the first semester during the move to the Wolfe Center,” Knoke said. “Lockers would suddenly open up, props were randomly falling, and some of the actors saw her walking up and down the aisle during performances.”

Alice makes her presence known to those in the theater department, but most follow supersttition and don’t talk about her while in the theater.

“If we are in University Hall, we don’t say her name or speak about her,” Knoke said. “She definitely gets enjoyment out of messing around with the production.”