Movie Review: “Snow White and the Huntsman”

Pulse Editor and Pulse Editor

Grade: B+

“Snow White and the Huntsman” was my most anticipated movie this summer and while I wasn’t disappointed, I wasn’t walking out of the movie theaters in amazement either.

It was one of those movies that had so much promotion and looked so awesome that it had everyone saying, “I want to see that” by the end of the trailer. All that credit has to go to Charlize Theron (“Young Adult”) because Kristen Stewart (“Twilight”) and Chris Hemsworth (“Thor”) were barely featured in the trailers at all.

Theron was amazing. She definitely made the film dark. That’s what I was excited to see, an evil spin on this classic fairy tale.

Theron is definitely one of my favorite actresses right now. She portrays complex characters and makes audiences understand that there is more to her character than the obvious.

In this case, Theron was the evil Queen Ravenna who had endured a lot of pain throughout her life and had this sense of vulnerability underneath all her villainy.

The dark, bleak world of Queen Ravenna portrayed the depression and fear that enveloped the people at this time and special effects in the film helped visualize this.

The juxtaposition of the lifeless land of Queen Ravenna to the heavenly, life-filled world of the fairies was perfect. The land of the fairies added a hint of the classic fairy tale that tied the two stories together.

While the movie followed the basic concept of the original story, there was so much more added that made it worthy of watching.

First of all, it empowered Snow White as having a purpose to her life. She wasn’t just a beautiful woman who made friends with the animals of the forest. In “Snow White and the Huntsman,” she was leading the overthrow of Queen Ravenna.

As a woman, this is exciting. There aren’t many strong female leads who don’t wait around for Prince Charming or helplessly fall in love, but this film lets Snow White kick butt and take names.

Plus, the epic-ness of Theron acting as the most villainous character of the year (yes, I am picking her already), just added to the empowerment of women in this movie.

I also loved the music throughout the film. It went perfectly with the tone of the scenes being depicted every step of the way.

My only complaints were that it was slow in the middle and it didn’t need to be and some characters showed up in the movie that I was confused as to why they had such long screen time.

I think the reason I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I was going to be was because so much of the film was revealed through the many movie trailers that were used to promote it.

Also, my dislike of Stewart did not change from her performance in this film. I still think she is not up to par on her acting skills. Luckily she doesn’t say too much in this film and Theron made up for Stewart’s lackluster performance.

“Snow White and the Huntsman” has cool special effects and an awesomely evil twist on a classic childhood story that is definitely worthy of going to see in theaters this summer.