Campus Brief: Students celebrate Kwanzaa

Students and faculty gathered to celebrate Kwanzaa at the 16th Annual Kwanzaa Dinner, hosted by the Black Student Union in the Union Ballroom Thursday night.

The event included dinner and performances, such as the singing of the Black National Anthem, dances, a poem, the Greek Unity Step, a song, the seven Principles of Kwanzaa, the lighting of the candles and the calling out of ancestors.

Senior Tiffany Smith, president of the Black Student Union, coordinated and planned the event.

“We had the dinner to celebrate the only recognized holiday that recognizes African American/African culture,” Smith said. “It has become a tradition for us to have it every year.”

The dinner wasn’t the only traditional part of the evening.

“The Greek Unity Step is where different Greek organizations come together to step together, which they only do that here at Kwanzaa,” Smith said.

Before coming to the University, Smith had never celebrated the holiday.

“I didn’t know about Kwanzaa until I started college,” she said. “My family still celebrates Thanksgiving and Christmas, but with my family when I become an adult I would like to celebrate it with my family.”