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WHAT LAURA LEE CARACCIOLO THINKS: “Wolves” is an album that I listened to a lot, not only because I was assigned to review it, but because it’s a really good CD.

Idiot Pilot starts it off with soft, slow vocals and then a surprising techno beat comes in and captivates you.

Electronica mixed with rock music has become popular over the last few years, but the band that really pioneered it was Radiohead, which Idiot Pilot can easily be compared to.

Throughout the track “Elephant,” Michael Harris’ vocals and style sound almost identical to Thom Yorke’s of Radiohead. The song is mysterious and Harris’ vocals flow perfectly with the electronic music and drum beat in the background.

Although Idiot Pilot can also be compared to other bands such as Muse and the Postal Service, they ultimately bring a unique, independent album to the table that stands out from other sub-pop records.

“Last Chance” and “Retina and the Sky” are the best tracks on the album. They are unique and melodic with extremely catchy choruses to rock out to.

“Wolves” is innovative and cinematic, and it’s a great addition to any CD collection.