Freddie, Frieda and the ‘King’ show up to judge Idol Night

Kelly Metz and Kelly Metz

Eight idols performed at Commons Dining Center for Idol Night, sponsored by Chily’s and Temptations Convenience Stores.

This is the third year for the event, said Robin Bruning, manager of Chily’s and Temptations. The first year was held at the McDonald Dining Center, and last year the events were held both at Chily’s and Temptations.

‘Each year, there is a different turnout, but it’s always fun,’ she said. ‘The whole idea for the event was to plan something fun for the students and fun for the staff.’

The staff did have fun with the event, said Jeff Schafer, a Chily’s employee dressed as Elvis. Schafer dressed as the King in order to be a celebrity guest judge.

Freddie and Frieda Falcon surprised the performers as a team judge, and Joe Oravecz, associate vice president for Student Affairs, was the third judge.

The panel of judges voiced opinions, comments and criticisms after each contestant while Freddie and Freida presented a score out of five.

The opportunity to sing in front of an audience brought in many contestants, but the iPod Nano as a prize helped, said junior Max Lencl, who performed a John Lennon song.

‘I was kind of nervous holding a mic, but I write songs on my guitar and I like to sing, so I thought coming out here and participating would be cool,’ he said.

Schafer believes, overall, Idol Night was a success, even with the basketball game at the same time.

‘We have lots of good singers tonight and some promised to ‘tear it up’,’ Schafer said. ‘And the night has to be good because I am the King and only a good night from Chily’s can bring back the King.’