Take away rollover, we will just buy in bulk

OK, fine, take my rollover money. It doesn’t seem like any amount of protesting or newspaper articles is going to change the minds of University officials.

But this is when the creative minds of us proud University students must take a new approach. I’d like to introduce everyone to the idea of bulk purchases.

I would suggest we remain an a la carte campus, as it is one of the major positive differences our campus offers (I’m always hearing those tour guides talk about it).

If so, then I would like to warn all convenience stores on campus: Anyone who has been in Chily’s near the end of the year understands that it’s normal to see seniors racking up bills over $300.

You can pre-order whole palettes of your favorite Ramen or Powerade flavors.

It’s a great way for seniors to clear off those meal plan dollars before they take that final walk out of here and into the real world where those nifty cards just don’t work (darn).

If you must take our rollover to control the budget, just try. Chily’s may want to start ordering those palettes around March, because now instead of just seniors, you will have a whole student body clearing out their meal plans every May. It’s an inconvenience for everyone involved.

I would rather spend my money on the wonderful fresh food Dining Services offers everyday on their a la carte menu, but I guess I’ll have to put in my order for some Easy Mac.

I invite all students to join me in spring 2009 in a massive campus-wide bulk purchase extravaganza!

– Jackie Maciupa Senior, Applied Health Science/AYA Dual Science