Page 3 ON-Line Contest: Win TV’s Seth Anderson’s dirty clothes for a week

*** Official Rules ***

You will win TV’s Seth Anderson’s dirty clothes for one week to do with what ever you please as long as they are not damaged in any way other that what Seth has done to them already. After the week is up you must return every article of clothing back to Seth in their original condition (unless you want to clean them). Winners will be selected at random from contributors who give adequate and appropriate responses to the questions. And those who are not related to Seth and / or Grizzly Adams. Click on the forum link to answer.

*** Questions ***

Where have you seen Seth Anderson?

Does he look punky or just surly?

What would you do with his dirty clothes?

What did you think of Seth’s column ‘HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING, AND LOVE THE EVIL DEAN’?

If the bra isn’t Seth’s who does it belong to?