Cosmos displays student art

David W. Storie and David W. Storie

During the month of December three University painters will be displaying a small works art exhibit at Cosmos Coffee House. Seniors Justin Behnken and Jay Christman and junior John Reddington have their paintings at the local coffee house both as a way to gain experience with art shows and also as a required part of their education.

“It would also bee nice if I could maybe sell a few of the paintings I am putting on display there,” said Reddington.

The show offers opportunities for the young artists to build on their reputations as painters. The increased publicity afforded by doing the off-campus show has the potential of furthering their careers. Name recognition can be a major factor in an artist’s success.

The three painters chose to show together partly because their work dealt with similar themes according to Behnken. The works are mostly still lives and landscapes the are emotionally focused.

“I do mostly still lives right now that focus on the emotional aspects and personal associations of certain objects,” Behnken said.

“I paint representational landscapes of places that have some significance to me,” Reddington said. “I try to portray the emotional qualities of these places, these are all places where I have been.”

Reddington, Christman and Behnken were planning on displaying their work, as it is part of the requirement for graduation, when they determined that it would be more practical to show off campus together. Their similar subject matters were a common thread which brought them together for the exhibit.

Those interested in viewing the small works art show can go to Cosmos coffee house and look around. The paintings are displayed on the walls and there is no added charge to view them.