Parity reigns on the lacrosse field

By Heather Riedel Reporter

Adrienne Borgstahl was surprised by the outcome of Sunday’s club lacrosse games.

BGSU won against Kent State University (6-5). The University of Toledo won against BGSU (10-6). And KSU took the win against UT (7-6).

Both the KSU vs. BGSU and the KSU vs. UT games went into overtime.

“In the past six years that I have been playing lacrosse, I have never had to play overtime,” said Borgstahl, a member of BG’s club lacrosse team. “It was kind of fun but stressful.”

She added that the win all depends on which team could score first in the five minutes of overtime. Borgstahl scored the winning shot in overtime against KSU.

With UT being the big rival, the Falcons said they matched up fairly equally from what they saw in the game. Megan Yodzis, freshman, said UT would score a point and then BG would come back and score, but couldn’t keep up with them to win the game.

“UT just beat us to the ball and showed they really did want it more,” Yodzis said.

She said that the team, herself included, were tired from playing KSU earlier in the day.

Borgstahl agreed that the team tired out toward the end of the game but said she thinks the team did not play up to their potential.

“We had plenty of shots on goal in both games but just not a lot of good ones,” Borgstahl said.

She added that the team was missing the strongest shooter, Kristina Savage, due to illness, and plans on practicing shooting skills for their next game.

Borgstahl gave a lot of credit to their defense, especially Shannon Burke and Michelle Valoris.

“They really held our defense together,” Borgstahl said.

The team will progress and play better as a whole as the season continues, Borgstahl said.

Yodzis agrees that they are feeling more like a team and working well together. She is excited to see how they play the rest of the season.

The Falcons will travel to John Carroll this weekend and will face both JCU and Ohio State.