Queens of the Stone Age

Some bands are a stronger live than they are in the studio.

With Queens of the Stone Age’s live DVD/CD “Over the Years and Through the Woods,” you get a little taste of one of the true great live bands of our time.

This live DVD/CD showcases all their familiar hits such as “Go With the Flow,” “Little Sister” and “No One Knows,” as well as some of lesser-known tunes from their four-album catalogue.

“Over the Years,” begins with an acoustic performance on the DVD by leader, Josh Homme, complimented by a video montage, but the actual album is ignited with an explosive sounding, “Go With the Flow,” and it never lets go from there, unleashing a hellish round-about of tunes.

The DVD portion has some of the best cinematography a live DVD can have and completely captures the essence of a QOTSA concert.

Also included in the package are behind-the-scenes footage that is a must to any fan’s collection, including appearances of old friends of the band-Foo Fighter’s Dave Grohl, ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons and ex-bassist Nick Olivieri join in on the fun.

Although the CD and DVD have a different track listing, both still make for a power-punch right to the grill, leaving you asking for more of those power chords that Josh Homme and company deliver in a timely fashion on this great combination.

With lyrics about sex, drugs and rock and roll, what more can a general music fan ask for in this first attempt at capturing a live performance by the hard-working men of QOTSA.