Scott Stapp

The former lead singer of the renowned band Creed, Scott Stapp, makes his solo debut on his record, The Great Divide.

The album is extremely reminiscent of Creed’s sound, so if you were a fan of the band or of Stapp’s unique voice, this is a great find.

Despite many of the criticisms Stapp has recently been faced with his mental issues causing the breakup of the former band, his attitude comes across very admirably on this record.

It’s apparent he has dealt with his troubles through writing music, as heard in lyrics such as “No victims/These choices were all mine/Looking within/These scars will heal with time/There’s no excuse for weakness, selfishness or compromise.”

His strong faith is also observable through his lyrics and soulful vocals, such as “So here I stand alone again/With one eye open/I’m a broken man/Life flashed before my eyes/But I’m alive.”

The record begins suddenly with the guitar-filled and intense scream/sing sounds of “Reach Out,” continues on in a roller coaster ride of slow versus rockier tracks, and eventually concludes with the spiritual sounds of “Broken.”

The Great Divide plays host to a mixture of heavier signature-sounding selections such as “Fight Song” and the self-titled track “The Great Divide,” along with the slower meaningful ballads that always end up being my personal favorites.

The album definitely succeeds at pleasing its listeners as Stapp keeps the sounds of the former Creed legacy live.