“V for Vendetta”

Jennifer Kuhn and Jennifer Kuhn

“V for Vendetta” is a solid film. The concept behind the movie comes from the 1980’s graphic novel by Alan Moore. The film version is directed by James McTeigue and is set in the futuristic society of Britain. Here, a masked man, known only as V, seeks vengeance and freedom from the totalitarian society that has gripped the British nation. For the most part, the film is a great adaptation in that it takes the nuances of a graphic novel and adapts it to the big screen without making things like character dialogue over-the-top. The sound, composition, backgrounds and everything come together to make a very believable world for the audience to immerse themselves in. There is something going on at all times on the screen. Character development and interaction is also well played. One story element that seemed out of place is a romance that appears to blossom awkwardly between two characters. It was the only time that I felt taken out of the film. It is a political story; however, and while the graphic novel takes the political issues seriously, the film seems to exaggerate certain aspects of the government to the point that the issues become heavy-handed. The film doesn’t allow the audience to think for themselves about the issues and for that there is no deepening moral that sets this particular story apart. Bottom Line: It’s a very enjoyable film that deserves to be seen in the theater to fully appreciate the cinematic world that the filmmakers have created.