Athletes mirror, encourage success

I rarely go to football games. There, I said it.

Despite my love of this University and the pride I take out of being a Falcon, I’m just not a fan of athletics.

And despite that, I do not have a problem paying the $507.50 each year to fund the intercollegiate athletics program.

When the football team won its bowl games, I cheered, even though I knew nothing about it. When women’s basketball played UCLA I watched it with friends, even though I couldn’t name a player on either team.

When those teams accomplish such feats – those teams of Falcons just like me – I can’t help it, I’m proud of them. It makes me feel good to know my fellow students have brought the eyes of the nation to this city in northwest Ohio.

In many ways it is a shame that the nation (or even the campus) barely bats an eye every time our forensics team proves it is the best in the nation or the BG News wins its regional, national or international awards.

The money I spend on our athletics program, I feel, is put to good use. The benefits are not as clear as, say, the money I spend on tuition, but when they hit me they are powerful.

Of course, if there was a way to spend less than $30,000 an athlete I would be all for it, but the money is not just spent on the athletes. Even though they benefit most directly, the money is spent on the University as a whole.

And an important part of my love for this school is because of that money I have spent. It reinforces my confidence in my ability to succeed here when those teams show the nation what we are made of.

It even gets me into home games for free.

I am a Falcon, and that is something I will never be afraid to say, because everywhere I look on this campus, especially on the fields of play, I see success.

Success that is reflection of my own, a reminder of my own, and an excellent reason to lend my support to those teams:

Roll along you BG warriors. Roll along.