Students do tie-dye fundraiser

Dipping white shirts in rainbow colored dyes in front of the Union, six students raised awareness for VISION – a campus organization that strives to advocate and promote issues of gender identity and sexual orientation and identity – as part of Rainbow Dayz.

The group hung the shirts on a rope suspended between two trees to attract students’ attention and raise consciousness for the group.

Passers-by looked on as those dyeing the shirts were joking with each other and singing songs in an effort to create cohesiveness. This is the second year VISION has held this event.

Diana Del Balso, sophomore, has been in VISION for two years and participated in last years tie-dying. She said it is a good way to raise awareness for VISION and a good way to raise money. The shirts cost $8 dollars and are available to anyone.

“It’s a good way to raise awareness for queer issues on campus,” Del Balso said.

It’s not only fun, but it also gives students a chance to come by and ask questions, who otherwise wouldn’t be interested in gay awareness on campus, Del Balso said.

Nicky Damania, graduate student, said that everyone likes to tie-dye. It gives students a chance to be creative, social and have some fun.

“It brings a lot of visual aspects to this campus that it needs,” Damania said.

One of the University’s core values is creative imagining, and tie-dying lets students create something completely their own so the students can create a meaning of what the design means for them.

“It’s another way to get people involved to know that VISION is around, it is important that they see our presence here,” Damania said.

Lauren Saxe, the publicity chair for VISION, said it gives those students who are not involved in gay issues on campus a chance to become involved.

“It helps with people not normally involved in VISION, we get an amazing array of people who aren’t gay to be involved,” Saxe said.

The organization has attracted members who are straight and support the group, Saxe said. She said the tie-dyed shirts catch people’s eyes since it is something out of the ordinary, which then brings people in that want to get involved.

“We have allies outside of VISION, when you see them wearing the T-shirt, they’re saying they know we’re here and they like us here,” Saxe said

Pete Johnston, freshman, doesn’t mind the presence of VISION on campus tie-dying shirts in front of the Union.

“It doesn’t bother me, it seems like they’re having a good time. They can do what they want,” Johnston said.

Another freshman, Ashley Schantz, also thinks it is a good way to raise money.

“I think it’s a good idea,” she said. “It’s a good visual aid to help raise awareness.”

VISION will be coloring shirts in front of the Union today from noon until 5 p.m.