Athletes’ errors should not be disregarded

Leo Svoboda and Leo Svoboda

Life is about two big things, promises and choices. In life we make many promises, as students we make the implicit promise to our professors that we will study and complete assigned work on time.

We should make choices that reflect this promise, staying in to type a paper and reading assigned chapters.

We make promises to our friends and loved ones from small things like, taking notes in class when a friend is sick to bigger things like being emotionally supportive of one another. Our choices must reflect these promises; lend a helping hand when a friend is down, or a helping piece of notepaper in class.

When we break these promises we invite consequences, a bad grade in the first case, a bad relationship in the second.

I see no difference in the case of Anthony Turner.

It is erroneous to discuss whether or not there was a victim in the issue. Turner did something that a.) is considered illegal in all 50 states and b.) violated his agreement with the athletic department. Turner violated the promise we as Americans imply as citizens, that we will obey the laws set forth by our government or take legal action to change them.

Secondly Turner violated the agreement that I’m sure he signed in order to receive any type of scholarship or playing time through the athletic department that he would neither indulge in the improper use of alcohol nor use controlled substances.

Whatever happens, to downplay his actions is irresponsible, Turner actively broke these promises and the action being taken in response is warranted. We all have the responsibility to respect the promises we make to ourselves and others, the consequences of breaking them is often greater than we imagine.


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