Elections need to be a priority

We’ve all seen the fliers, we’ve been walking over the sidewalk chalkings and we’ve seen the Union window splashes, now the only thing left to do is vote in the Undergraduate Student Government election.

Today is the final day of the election, online polls will close at 8:00 tonight. Some students may not realize why it’s so important to vote in this election.

The USG is like the student council of colleges. They are considered the voice of the students by not only University administrators, but also to many prominent figures in town.

Unfortunately, an article in today’s BG News shows a shocking amount of students who either haven’t voted yet or don’t plan on voting. There is no excuse for this apathy.

These students are acting on your behalf, so you better make sure it’s the people you want to represent you.

Just take a look at the issues heard by USG during a normal academic year. This year, they have heard arguments for and against the mandatory health insurance policy, the renewal of the University’s Pepsi contract, the routes and prices of the shuttle service, the implementation of the one-card system, city bike laws and the dress codes in downtown bars.

Don’t know what some of these issues are? All the more reason to vote for who most represents your views and your voice. Then maybe consider attending a few USG meetings.

This group of students has a huge impact on the workings of this University. The board of trustees, the administrators and the faculty take the opinion of the USG to heart when they are making descisions regarding students.

There has been a plethora of information presented to students regarding the views of each and every one of the USG candidates. Anyone can go to bgnews.com and find articles outlining candidates’ stances on everything from the student health center and organization funding to shuttle services and teacher polls.

Many of their decisions affect what charges we do and do not see on our Bursar bills. These elected officials are your voice on campus, and the people in charge of how much your tuition is are listening to them.

The BG News urges students take the extra five minutes out of your day and vote. Your decision will affect one of the largest student organizations on campus. It will affect what gets accomplished at this University for an entire year.

Winners will be announced Thursday at 12:45 p.m. in front of the Union.