Students spread kindness on campus

By Kavita Kumar KRT

First, giant signs appeared on Washington University’s campus, each with a cryptic message or question, such as “What will you change?” or “Can you feel it?”

The next week, boxes filled with toys – beach balls, soccer balls, Frisbees – materialized in various locations. Some of the signs were changed to read: “Play nicely” and “Pass it on.”

Then last week, two horse-drawn carriages showed up outside residence halls to give students free rides to class. There was no explanation, just signs on each carriage that read, “It’s your turn.”

Among the signs that week: “Where are you going?” and “Get back on your horse.”

Some apathetic college students haven’t noticed all of these strange signs and happenings around campus – and don’t really care. But many Washington U. students have been murmuring to each other, wondering about the identit y of the anonymous benefactors who are trying to jump-start a chain reaction of kindness.

“I think it’s a really cool idea,” said Lauren Jaffe, a freshman from Columbus, Ohio.

At first, Jaffe said she thought students must be behind it. But she wasn’t so sure when the carriages arrived, figuring instead that it must be somebody with lots of money.

When reached by the Post-Dispatch, the people behind “Your Turn” agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity. They are, indeed, students. A spokesperson said, “The whole motive is that you don’t always need something in return. To do something just because it’s a nice thing to do is the most gracious gift of all.”