Consider attendance for scheduling

Dianne Bohland and Dianne Bohland

I was quite disheartened with Wednesday’s cover story.

I noticed there were numerous empty seats in Judy VandenBroek’s EDIS 431 class. Due to the fact that I am a third year transfer student, I wasn’t able to schedule any of the classes I preferred which resulted in a dreaded schedule full of two hour breaks in-between every class as well as night classes.

VandenBroek’s class was one in particular that I made numerous attempts to add but was not successful. Even though I realize it would be an impossible feat, I wish the University could record attendance for scheduling purposes.

As a student who rarely misses class it’s upsetting to see that other students were given seats in class and don’t even bother to attend. I understand the logic behind the fact that some students don’t feel they need to attend class to learn the material; however, I would have to disagree.

Not only is it disrespectful to the instructor for a student to miss class regularly, it’s also unfair to fellow classmates who are missing out on instructional time they would have truly appreciated.

Thanks for addressing this issue in your article and good work with the BG News.

Dianne Bohland


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