Community fails to seize opportunity

Tammi Sharp and Tammi Sharp

On Feb. 1 I attended the Black Student Union’s kickoff luncheon for Black History Month.

Guests were treated to a sing-along of the Black National Anthem (written more than one hundred years ago to honor Abraham Lincoln’s birthday), a tribute to the late Coretta Scott King and an excellent hot lunch with foods that typify African- American adaptations of African foodstuffs. It is a pity that so few members of the BGSU community took advantage of this opportunity.

In particular, I was disturbed to find that only one-quarter of the best seats in the house were occupied. These were at tables reserved in advance and paid for by various campus groups, offices and departments.

So where were all the people? Apparently some groups and departments on campus have enough money that they can make a token financial contribution in support of BGSU’s activities, but don’t feel that supporting our students with their time, presence and active participation is worth their while. Shame on them.

Our students, especially those who actively seek to participate in civic-life by reaching out to the BG community-at-large through extracurricular activities, deserve our genuine, whole-hearted, and enthusiastic support. I hope that the remaining events in celebration of Black History Month, as well as all other student-organized events for the community, are blessed with full attendance. In particular, I hope that YOU will be there.

tammi sharp classified staff member [email protected]