BG alumnus petitions for re-election in Ohio House

Bob Latta, a Republican, has filed his petition for re-election to the Ohio House of Representatives for the 6th House District, which covers Bowling Green.

Latta is a life-long resident of northwest Ohio, having graduated from BGHS, BGSU and the University of Toledo College of Law.

He seems excited to be running for his third term as Bowling Green’s representative.

“I have had the great honor of serving the citizens of Wood County in the Ohio General Assembly. I want to continue to work for the citizens of the Sixth District and make this the best place in Ohio to live, work and raise a family,” Latta said.

At home, Latta has a wife, Marcia, who is the Director of Development on campus. Latta also has two daughters, Elizabeth and Maria.

His daughters keep them busy between band, quiz bowl, volleyball, softball and piano lessons. His career also keeps him busy.

“I’m always receiving calls at home since I’m on call every day, 24 hours a day. My office when I’m not in Columbus is my home or my car. I try to be available at all times for people to contact me,” Latta said.

Latta enjoys outdoor activities if he can work them into his schedule.

He has done extensive work for the Ohio Division of Wildlife, sponsoring legislation for them and providing funding.

Among the legislation he sponsored was the Bald Eagle License Plate, which provided money for the Bald Eagles in Ohio.

“Representative Latta is an outstanding representative to the citizens of Wood County, especially to sportsmen and conservationists across Ohio,” said John Daugherty, representative of the Division of Wildlife. “His leadership and interest in wildlife and sportsmen’s issues is unequaled in the Ohio Legislature.”

Along with the Division of Wildlife, Latta was honored by the Ohio State University/SeaGrant for his work on the Stone Laboratory at Gibraltar Island.

“This is a biology research center for OSU, BGSU and other universities,” Latta said. “I was a volunteer representative during the summer to promote the benefits of the lab to college students.”

Latta has worked closely with the Ohio National Guard making sure students do not lose tuition benefits when going overseas.

General Gregory Wayt of the Ohio National Guard said “Bob has been an absolute fantastic support of the National Guard.”

Latta secured the funding for the scholarship program for soldiers, secured state funding for the Bowling Green Community and Readiness Center and attends events around the district as advocate and representative.

Latta started out as an lawyer but had to close his practice when he was elected to the House because it became a full-time job. However, Latta enjoys helping out family and friends with filing their taxes when he can.

Latta is currently serving his third term in the House serving as Chairman of the House Criminal Justice Committee.

The Criminal Justice Committee has passed 50 bills this session. Latta’s main duty is to move legislation to the House floor.

The committee does a lot of work on juvenile crimes such as sex offenders, drugs and drunk drivers.

David Evans, vice-chair of the committee, says he is honored to work closely with Latta.

“He gives everyone the time to speak and hear all sides of the issues coming before the committee,” Evans said.

Latta has also been recognized as Legislator of the Year by the Ohio Farmers Union in 2000 for his work on the estate tax.

The estate tax is an income tax on possessions of those who have died. The tax must be paid by the survivors who inherit the possessions.

Ohio is one of only two states that impose a tax on possessions after people pass away. Latta’s work on Senate bill 108 cut by 78 percent the number of people who would have to file a death tax.

This is an ongoing concern for Latta.

“My biggest goal is to eliminate the [estate] tax altogether because people are wanting to move out of Ohio because of this tax,” Latta said.

Latta filed his petition on Feb. 16. The primary election is May 2, and general election will take place on Nov. 7.

His main office is located in Columbus, which he travels to Tuesday through Thursday each week to be in session. This is whe re the representatives all meet on the floor to discuss issues.

Overall, Latta said he has tried to be very broad and loyal in his involvement.

“This is my 10th year in legislature and my main concern is making sure I serve my constituents,” Latta said.