The Beatles Live Tonight!: Maumee Indoor Theater 8 p.m

John Lennon’s voice will be echoing throughout the streets of Maumee tonight.

It’s not actually John Lennon, but it may be the next best thing for local Beatles fans. The voice is that of Mark Benson, who portrays John Lennon in the Beatles tribute band, 1964: The Tribute.

The band tours the country performing songs by The Beatles and will perform at the Maumee Indoor Theater tonight. Not only do they perform songs from The Beatles’ catalog, but they dress like the group and sing with British accents, although all of them are American.

“The idea is to show what a Beatles concert was like back then,” said Benson. “There is still a volume of people who never got a chance to see them.”

Each of the four band members portrays one of The Beatles. In addition to Benson, the band includes Gary Grimes as Paul McCartney, Greg George as Ringo Starr and Jimmy Pou as George Harrison.

When 1964: The Tribute formed in 1984 in Northeastern Ohio, the band mates thought they would only perform at bars and concert clubs only in Ohio. Eventually, they built a following, and the good buzz among Beatles fans helped launch their career.

1964: The Tribute now performs about 140 shows per year and has graced the stage of Carnegie Hall six times.

Grimes, McCartney, says the music is the most important thing.

“For me, it’s the message of The Beatles’ music,” Grimes said. “I think it’s a very positive message.”

1964: The Tribute Band has recorded covers of Beatles songs, which are featured on their website, Their version of The Beatles’ “A Hard Day’s Night” sounds so similar to the original, it’s hard to tell the two apart.

The attention to detail that 1964: The Tribute puts into recreating The Beatles’ music, style and energy sets them apart from any other tribute band.

According to the band’s official Web site, Rolling Stone magazine voted the band as the “Number One Beatles Tribute Show on Earth!” in 2004.

Benson said that 1964: The Tribute attracts an audience of all ages.

“The Beatles’ music catalog is something everyone can enjoy,” Benson said. “The Beatles’ music is something that 90 percent of the planet doesn’t argue about.”

The Beatles are regarded as tremendous innovators and influences in the music industry, even by those who don’t listen to their music. This could this be why 1964: The Tribute has managed to last so long and been able to perform across the world.

There is a worldwide appeal for The Beatles that hasn’t lost steam since George, John, Ringo and Paul first stepped foot in America.

“They brought over fashion and style,” Benson said of The Beatles’ trip to America. “It seemed to attract everybody.”

1964: The Tribute acts as an advocate for The Beatles’ music. Benson and his band mates travel around the world in hopes of keeping The Beatles’ music alive forever.

“We started in September of 1984,” said Grimes. “And now, 22 years later, there’s no end in sight.”