Browns are in bad shape, Cavs need to step up

Here we are again Browns fans. What the hell happened to the Browns? When did Braylon Edwards turn into this brash, outspoken jerk? When did these guys start yelling each other on the sidelines? When did they not score – against the Bengals?

Last Sunday’s game was absolutely horrendous – even more horrendous than the previous Sunday. The Bengals gave up 42 points in one half in a game this year – the Browns couldn’t score one point in two halves.

Not to knock the Bengals and their talent, but the Browns really crapped the bed. Charlie Frye looked like he was still playing at Willard High School and the defense looked like they were a middle school team playing against the ’95 San Francisco 49ers. The Browns are the lowest of the low right now.

This team seems to be going nowhere and the coaching staff is having trouble with players keeping their mouths shut. If Romeo is one of the no-nonsense guys that the Patriots have bred throughout the past few seasons, he should discipline Braylon Edwards or at least tell him to shut up.

I don’t care if Edwards was yelling at other guys using Charlie’s jersey as an example. If he’s a grown adult he should know that people respond better to criticism when you aren’t berating them on the sideline and using other guys as visual aides.

If this team cares so much about winning, they aren’t showing it. The owner is off buying English soccer teams and is barely ever around. The town is his personal ATM. Cleveland is a football town. If the Browns went 0-16, they would still sell a good portion of the next year’s seats.

There is a waiting list to get season tickets and personal seat licenses because they are so popular. If Cleveland wants a winner. Fans ought to start boycotting because Randy “Soccer Boy” Lerner doesn’t care about winning football games. Yes, I made that nickname up. Consider it copyright.

Across town at “The Q,” there is a team that has the second best record in the East, but is playing without any urgency at all. The Cavaliers should be a one or two loss team. They continue to play like garbage against teams like Atlanta, Charlotte, Boston, and Indiana. Those teams will not likely make the playoffs. Even the games they win, they have a hard time starting or finishing.

Lebron James has played well, but the leadership has not been there. This team should take charge and stomp the league’s lower-tier teams. I’m not a fan of running up the score but when you’re up 15 at half-time, go out and keep doing what you’re doing.

I don’t know if it’s Mike Brown’s style to do this, but I constantly notice the Cavs trying to use the whole shot clock and take perimeter jump-shots in the second half when they have double-digit leads. This is especially frustrating when the likes of James, Sasha Pavlovic and Daniel Gibson have showed great speed and power when slashing to the basket.

On a good note, Damon Jones looks substantially better than he did last season. I was one of his smallest fans last year and I’ve come around to his newfound hustle and energy. He can fire up all the threes he wants if he’s moving around the offensive end and getting back on defense instead of watching his shot with a smirk on his face.

Congratulations to the Ohio State University basketball team for falling into the No. 1 slot in the rankings by default. While they have played well without Greg Oden, they were lucky to have all the teams in front of them lose. I will talk smack in this column and guarantee a Tar Heel victory tonight. OSU may be the best football team around (I have a really displeased, sour look on my face), but North Carolina will always own the hardwood.

To close this masterpiece, I’d like to chide Scott Skiles and the Chicago Bulls. Why can’t Big Ben wear a headband? This guy has a lot of street cred and has earned the right to keep himself from getting sweat in his eyes. This would be like telling Horace Grant not to wear goggles or telling John Stockton to wear longer shorts or telling Anthony Mason not to shave weird designs in his hair. This is a crime.

The NBA has done a good job the past few seasons to re-shape their image, but this is just a little too much. Give Big Ben a break.

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