Lack of school spirit is embarrassing

School spirit – what is it, what does it take to have it, and why do we need it?

Let’s start with the obvious; school spirit is the amount of support that you show for your school.

That’s right, this is your school. You are paying for the uniforms the football players are wearing, the hockey team, and even the volleyball team. Your tuition is paying for those things.

Every year, you put about fifteen thousand dollars into the college, and some of that money goes into the budget for sports. From the uniforms to the pads, you are paying for them. Why not go out there and show the teams your support.

Our football team has won four out of seven games – hardly a winning season – but they are still having a winning season.

Back home, the average season record for the Bryan High School football for my first three years of school was two and eight. Two wins out of ten games. Not a very good record, but nonetheless, every week the students of BHS were out there cheering on the team.

And it was not until my senior year that I really got into the fun and excitement of cheering on the football team. I got out there with a purple and gold cape, and a massive purple flag with a gold ‘B’ on it.

Me and about fifteen other upper classmen were out in the end zone when the team stormed the field and ran with them with our capes, flags, and Bryan Golden Bear attire on. That year, the team had a five and five season – the best season they had in fifteen years.

Now, it may seem conceited to think that I and fourteen other people helped them, but I really think that we did. This year, there are no capes, no flags, and no storming the field with the team, and no wins this season.

Having School spirit is really easy. All you have to do is go out, get some orange and brown clothing, preferably BGSU stuff, not the Cleveland Browns, let’s not go there.

Get some orange and brown face paint, wigs, magnets and decals for your car. Or, if you have an extra $35 dollars laying around, get a BGSU license plate from the DMV. Then, anybody who is tailgating you on the road will know that you are a fan of BGSU.

I have seen some BGSU Alumni with more school spirit than the current students. To me, that says a lot about the amount of support the students are giving the sports teams. Some people ask me, “Why do you support your school so much?” Simply put, I pay for the privilege of going to one of the finest universities in Ohio. Why wouldn’t I show my support?

I realize I already answered my final question earlier in the article, but just to reiterate the point, we need support to show the athletes on the field, on the court, or on the ice, that we support them and the University that they represent. They are sometimes the closest thing we have to representatives outside of this state.

Again, by supporting the athletes we are showing our support for the entire University, not just the team. So go out there and get some orange and brown stuff on.

Correction, burnt orange and seal brown, the official school colors. Leave the Cleveland Browns stuff in the closet.

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