Brown and friends rock BG

This past Friday, the Union multi-purpose room was standing-room only for the College Democrats’ Sherrod Brown rally, a crowd Brown himself said was three times larger than the one that greeted him at Ohio State University.

James Carville and Luke Perry, as well as local office candidates accompanied Brown, who is running for U.S. Senator this November. Carville is best known for his role as campaign manager for the Clinton administration and his cameo in the movie “Old School.” Perry was a star of the ’90s hit show 90210. BG was one of many colleges the trio visited as part of a four-day pre-election tour.

Although John Mayer’s latest single “Waiting on the World To Change” was playing as Brown approached the stage, Brown’s message at the rally was that he is done waiting.

“Sherrod Brown represents the face of change,” Carville said. “You have to live in a world where the word of the U.S. President isn’t believed or respected and people like Sherrod Brown want to change that.”

Brown said that creating an environment in Ohio that makes people want to stay in the state after they graduate is one of his main focuses of change in this campaign.

“I want to get education at an affordable price and have opportunities when you graduate to get a job and stay here,” Brown said.

Some students, like junior Megan Honingford, attended the rally for the sake of staying informed.

“It’s important to know what’s going on in the world since young people are going to be the ones in charge,” Honingford said. “It’s important to see how things work and get our opinions out there.”

Mission accomplished. College Democrats held the rally with the mission to both educate and register voters, according to President Amanda Belcher.

“[Brown] came to rally the troops I guess you’d say,” she said.