This young team is not ready for change yet

Don’t even waste your breath. Anyone who thinks the resignation of Gregg Brandon will help this football team is crazy. Whether or not a change is made during the offseason remains to be seen, but fans should not be calling for the coach’s exit at this point in the season.

A young team such as BG may not respond well to a coaching change after the ninth week of the season. Consider this – 27 true or redshirt freshmen have played this year and were recruited by this guy. They probably do not want to see him go. They came to BGSU to play for Gregg Brandon among other things.

Furthermore, a coaching change usually means that the season has been given up on. While it is a long-shot for the Falcons to win the MAC East, stranger things have happened. My point is that if BG shows an obvious sign of giving up on their season, how the hell are they going to meet the attendance number that they need during the Miami game?

Coach Brandon may have some work to do this offseason but the team has the talent to win the rest of this season’s games.

As football winds down, basketball begins. Whether or not women’s sports are your thing, you’ve got to be pumped for women’s basketball this season at BG. Two-time defending MAC Champions and favorites to three-peat, the Falcons will play an exhibition game today to get ready for the new season.

If someone told me when I came to BG that I’d be excited to watch an exhibition game for women’s basketball, they might as well have told me Zydrunas Ilgauskus was my father. Now I’m starting to come around to the idea that “Z” really is my father. As for the women’s basketball, I was a believer a long time ago.

Let’s not forget about Coach Dakich and the boys. Although they’ve been picked to finish last, the Falcons have nowhere to go but up. Last year was a disappointment, but the team has done it’s best to rid itself of character issues that plagued them last season. According to Dakich, he’s having fun with these kids. As long as he isn’t stressed out with troublesome players, Dakich should be able to have a lot more fun all year.

Now the Bengals. Well, I know that it doesn’t matter that a new player gets arrested every week and the off-the-field drama overshadows the games themselves – Oh wait, it does. After a long week of trash-talking and overhyped matchups, the Bengals lost at home to the Falcons. They got screwed by the Buccaneers and smacked by the Patriots but the rest of their schedule has been flaky.

They beat the Browns (2-5), Carolina (4-4), Kansas City (5-3) and barely got by the Steelers (2-5). They’ve yet to beat a real Super Bowl contender. Count the Steelers and Panthers as pretenders and the Chiefs as a pleasant surprise but they hurt their quarterback.

My point is that the Bengals’ need to get their heads back into football and off of their nicknames and alternative criminal lives. Let the hatemail pour in from the Bengals fans who are currently celebrating their one-year anniversary as Bengals fans.

Last but certainly not least, the Browns. Congratulations to the Browns on Sunday’s win. The best part about it was that the Steelers and Bengals both lost. Even though there was a controversial play to end the game, it was in Cleveland’s favor for once.

There were still a few stupid play calls but the surprisingly good play of Reuben Droughns made new offensive coordinator Jeff Davidson look like a genius. The Jets defense helped out Davidson a little bit too.

As much as I love the Browns, the basketball season begins tonight and it’s almost time to become a witness once again.