Coming Home

Latest trend: Recent college graduates are not quite ready for “living” in the real world.

According to an article from USA Today, 60 percent of college graduates move back home sometime after they finish school.

“This notion of moving back home after graduation seems to be a trend now,” JoAnn Kroll, director of the Career Center said.

With the high price it takes to live in the real world, moving back home may be less intimidating for recent college graduates.

“You know, students have told me they’re graduating with loan debt and so their parents let them return home as this becomes a way to save money for them,” Kroll said.

According to Kroll, there are a number of reasons why students do move back in with parents when they finish school. For example, some graduates have nowhere to go and some miss their families.

One common mistake is waiting until after graduation to find a job.

“Don’t wait until graduation rolls around then find a job. Try and have something set up for you so when you do graduate, within a few weeks, you can be working,” Kroll said.

She suggests students should think about their life goals and the worries that keep them from being on their own way before the day they graduate.

“I think the question becomes whether or not you are willing to turn down a great job offer in your field because you don’t want to come out of your comfort zone,” Kroll added.

Even though there is plenty to do as a senior in college, like apply for graduation and complete internships, not all students wait until last minute to get things together.

“The job I have was already set up for me. It was just a matter of doing some paperwork, and I was working in a few weeks,” said Tonisha Davis, recent sports management graduate.

On the contrary, Stephanie Wammes, a recent graduate, said she didn’t have a job lined up when she finished school. Now she’s still looking for a steady job in her chosen field.

“I am working two part-time jobs to cover bills, but I’m not in a rush, just going with the flow of things,” Wammes said.

For these two girls, moving back home was something expected, but not really preferred.

“It was okay moving back home, due to financial situations, but it’s just hard to adjust back to your parents’ rules,” Davis said.

But some students who are more heavily influenced by their families don’t mind the adjustment.

“Since I’m a big family person, I’m relieved that I could move back in because some people can’t do that, but I like it, ” Wammes said.

Davis and Wammes both love living at home, but say they’ll be very excited to move out.

“I’m completely excited about moving on my own,” Wammes said.