Petland drops lawsuit

In a story in yesterday’s Ohio University Post, Petland announced it would drop a lawsuit against the city of Athens.

The lawsuit stems from an ordinance that city council passed in 2004.

The ordinance would fine pet stores and animal breeders $100 if owners could not prove their animals were spayed or neutered, which the company called unconstitutional.

Petland contested it because it would have punished pet stores for the negligence of individual owners.

City council repealed the ordinance after People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals representatives said the city should craft new legislation that still enforces a spay and neuter program but does not put the fault on retail companies.

And PETA’s right. Athens euthanizes about 1,000 dogs and cats per year, an outrageous number considering the city’s size.

It’s an unnecessary practice that can be easily avoided, resulting in fewer killings.

They’re also correct in insisting that individuals are to blame, not the place where the individuals buy the pets.

Petland took advantage of a loophole in the law to stir up controversy instead of handling the situation more professionally.

The bottom line, straight from Bob Barker, is to spay and neuter pets – their population does not need a boost.