USG and GSS come together

There are nearly 300 student organizations on campus. Out of all those organizations, Undergraduate Student Government is the only one that every BGSU student is connected to.

At last night’s USG meeting, Dr. Edward Whipple, vice president of Student Affairs, stressed the importance of USG.

He advised senators to know the University, understand USG, and to talk to their peers about campus issues.

Whipple gave the USG a heads up on some of the major topics it should address this year.

Among those issues are the BG One card, changes to the meal plan, the University travel policy, and student engagement.

Whipple said student engagement is key to a good experience at BGSU.

“If students get connected that impacts the quality of campus and student life,” he said.

Whipple encourages students to be active in pursuing what is best for their education, and to communicate with USG and state legislation.

“Students can be very influential,” he said.

USG is not only connected to undergraduate students. It also works closely with the Graduate Student Senate to address issues that affect students as a whole.

Deanna Vatan Woodhouse, GSS President, informed USG of what issues are currently affecting graduate students on campus.

This is just one way Woodhouse maintains her relationship with USG. Woodhouse and Bernard Little, USG President, have structured meetings twice a month.

Woodhouse said she and Little communicate often because they share an office.

“My closest relationship is with Bernard,” she said. “We communicate with each other daily.”

Little said the two governments work with each other mostly for legislative issues. He said they can be more effective with a “unified voice.”

Little is confident Woodhouse will do well serving as GSS president.

“I worked with her all summer and into the fall,” he said. “She’s an amazing person to sit in the president position.”