The Stimmel family store shows the goods

A local family owned business cares about giving people what they desire in terms of food and drink.

Family member and bakery chef Matthew Stimmel said their business is customer driven and strives to keep providing what the community wants.

“We like to give people access to different products and experiences they can’t get at other places,” he said.

The market is owned by Matthew’s brother Bill, his sister and his father and offers a variety of gourmet entrees, breakfast pastries, wine, beer and more at any time of the day.

Cook Jeremy Metzger has been working at the location for six years, starting when the previous owners were there. He said that the market used to be a lot smaller and was primarily a bakery before the Stimmel family came in two years ago and made it what it is today.

“I like the versatility of working here and making the bakery items,” he said.

The Stimmel’s tore down a wall to expand the grocery portion of the store and added a deli and wine section Metzger said.

He also said that each employee switches their positions from the deli to the bakery to keep them doing a little bit of everything, since both are open all day.

A new addition to the market is underway according to Metzger. A breakfast nook is being built with a seating area where a full breakfast will be served consisting of more than just donuts and pastries since they plan to add croissants and breakfast sandwiches to the menu, he said.

Being located on the opposite side of town has not hurt business for Stimmel’s, according to Matthew. He said they are not dependent on the college crowd, but get a good mix of both students and residents of Bowling Green, since they are a neighborhood store. He said they deliver donuts and cookies often to different departments of study at the University.

Stimmel’s Market has a wide variety of items. Walking around the market, it is similar to a grocery store in some ways and very unique in others. There are shelves of common grocer needs and a section of produce which local farmers contribute to in the late summer when they bring in their organic produce items.

Toward the back of the store, there are 10 freezers full of different beers from around the world and several wine racks.

The beer offered ranges from India Pale Ale to Pete’s Wicked Ale.

Matthew said that a common misconception about their beer is that it’s all imported from different countries, however, he said only two of the freezers are actually from other countries.

He also said they offer many beers from Ohio and Michigan.

“We don’t focus on imports so much as we focus on giving customers the opportunity for the best,” Matthew said.

In addition to giving people the opportunity to taste the best, they also offer wine tasting every Thursday night from 6 to 9 p.m. and this will continue even during the school year. Their wine selection includes a wide array of red and white wines from Italy, Spain, France and even Ohio.

The wine tasting takes place in the back where seating is available for customers to sit after purchasing a gourmet sandwich or salad at the deli.

According to Matthew, the store guarantees that they make their breads, salads and some bakery items from scratch.

He also said other places claim they do also, but they actually do not.

“It’s unheard of in this day and age for a business to make their food from scratch, but we are crazy about sanitation,” he said.

Matthew’s brother Bill named each sandwich in the deli after a street in Bowling Green in order to localize the business.

Stimmel’s Market also sells seasonal organic items. Matthew said if there is equal opportunity for an organic item versus a regular item, they always choose the organic.

In between the variety of alcohol and gourmet food, Stimmel’s also has delicate chocolates, ice creams and cakes.

Matthew added that people often ask employees what different products are and where they came from.

The Bowling Green location is the only store to exist as of right now but there may be plans to expand in the future according to Matthew.

Editor’s Note: Stimmel’s Market is located at 1220 W. Wooster St. The market is open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Sunday.