The future of BG parking

Patrick Lisk, a University student who lives off-campus, walks two miles to class every day.

He has a car, but chooses to avoid the sometimes chaotic parking situation on campus by walking.

“If I drive to school, it takes me five minutes to get there, 15 minutes to find a spot, and then another 15 to walk to class.”

The parking problem is not a new problem at the University, and it continues to garner complaints from students.

Undergraduate Student Government President Bernard Little said that USG does not have any specific plans to improve the situation.

“Seeing as how we have a University master plan to take effect in the future, I am sure that parking will be something that will be addressed soon,” Little said.

Stacie Enriquez, director of parking, said complaints are cyclical and she empathizes with students.

She explained that three parking garages are planned to be built as part of the University Master Plan.

One parking garage will be located in Lot 1 behind the Student Health Center, another in Lot E on Court and Thurstin streets, and the third in Lot 7 near the Offenhauer Towers.

The project is still in the planning stages.

Bob Boucher, senior project manager and Jim McArthur, University architect, explained design of the parking garage is underway, which they expect to take at least a year.

Construction can then begin after funding is acquired, McArthur said.

Although Lisk has the option of walking to class, those commuting form Toledo or Maumee don’t have that advantage.

Lisk said parking garages would be helpful for those students.

In the meantime, Enriquez advises students not to, “frustrate yourself” by trying to find a parking spot nearest your class.

“Go where the parking is, like lot 20, and use the shuttle nearby,” she said. “The University is a pedestrian campus, and parking further [away] is therefore one of our realities.”