Free food attracts students to Campus Fest, other Univ. events

Kyle Reynolds and Kyle Reynolds

As the freshmen learned in their BGeXperience classes, people on campus have a wide array of opinions and values.

But there is one thing nearly all students appreciate: a free meal.

And there has been a lot of free food given out to students at events like the New Student Convocation picnic, Chaos at the Quad and the upcoming Campus Fest.

With all this food offered to students at no cost, someone must be picking up the bill.

According to Gail Finan, Director of Dining Services, costs of Campus Fest are covered by the President’s Initiative, and soft drinks are provided by Pepsi through the beverage contract.

‘We are looking to feed about 8,000 to 9,000 people,’ Finan said. ‘We charge the President’s office about $18,000 and it ends up costing about $2 per person.’

In preparation for these events, Dining Services faces a dilemma about how much and what kinds of food should be prepared.

‘We look to see what students like to eat, and we look to see what the numbers are,’ Finan said.

‘It’s hard because you don’t want to have leftovers, but you need to have enough, so it’s kind of a balancing act.’

However, the expenses for food at the New Student Convocation Picnic is actually covered by the students.

‘The cost is deducted from the meal plans of all freshmen living on campus,’ Finan said. ‘Last year, the cost deducted was $6.50.’

Campus Fest will be held Sept. 8 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Hot dogs, hamburgers, Sno-cones, Pepsi products and water will be available.

According to Clinton Stephens, coordinator of Student Organizations and Community Service Programs, Campus Fest will also include a live DJ, obstacle course, dunk tank and caricature artists.

He encourages all students to attend the event.