Accessorizing is key to living on campus

Students pulling into campus are unloading a variety of accessories they’ve purchased from local stores to make their dorm room fit their personal style.

For some this could mean hauling a futon up the stairs to ensure the quality of comfort seating or carrying in a TV/DVD player to keep in tune with their favorite television shows.

Other students bring accessories to brighten up their room.

“I’m bringing a lot of Christmas and string lights to add some colorful lightning in my room and an entertainment system,” said Tony Householder, freshman.

The majority of students are coming from all over the country with the task of making their dorm room fit their personality.

“I’m definitely bringing my big blue couch to campus,” said Brendan Carroll, sophomore. “The other things I plan to bring are photos of family and friends and lots of posters of music stars and television shows because it will make me feel at home and more comfortable in my room because I’m practically living at Bowling Green State University for the school year.”

Many students this year have narrowed down stores that have good sales and a variety of dorm accessories.

These can add a touch of color to the average bland dorm room, consisting of a closet, self lofting beds, oak wood dressers and desks. Target, Super Wal-Mart and Meijer are three nearby stores that attract student shoppers before the school year begins.

“The top selling dorm accessories that have attracted the college crowd is furniture, including futons, computer desks and comfortable chairs because we have an awesome line of furniture,” said Jeff Snell, the executive of hardlines, of Target in Toledo. “Target really caters to the back to school crowd for college students to buy products pertaining to starting their new life.”

At the Bowling Green Super Wal-Mart, electronic devices and appliances are one of their best selling accessories that attracts students, said Justin Crawford, a sales clerk in the electronics department.

Crawford said students stop by because the store is so close to campus.

“The most popular electronic devices that we are selling the most are 20-inch televisions, I-Pods and cables for the internet and televisions,” he said.

The top best selling accessory from the Toledo Target are futons ranging from $50 to $300, according to Snell.

At Super Wal-Mart, 20-inch televisions that cost around $100 are top sellers, Crawford said.

At Meijer in Bowling Green, futon mattresses and frames surfacing around $150 to $160 are best sellers, Linda McAfee, secretary for the store said.

According to customer ratings on Target’s Web site, their popular dorm items are desk lamps with an organizer for $24.99, a magnetic 10-piece cling frame set for $19.99, a Sony Black AM/FM Alarm Clock Radio for $14.99, a Sunbearn 0.7 cubic foot microwave for $49.99 and Danby Deluxe Compact Refrigerator for $149.99.

Customer ratings on Wal-Mart’s Web site, show the top sellers as an egg Chair for $34.72, an oversized chair for $79.96, floor cushions for $15.56, a cube mini refrigerator for $98.64, a beaded curtain for $12.72, a Mali Flex Multi-Position Lounger for $149.86 and a Panasonic CD Micro stereo for $78.86.