Chris Rice

Grade: B

Chris Rice has delighted his fans for decades with his aspiring Christian rock formula as a musician and a ghostwriter.

Now in 2005, Rice has his eyes on the mainstream with his new album, Amusing, a musical journey exploring the depths of his faith and relationships through his talents on the piano.

Amusing begins with “Prelude,” a basic transition into one of his singles, “Love Like Crazy.”

The fifth track, “Final Move,” is a low-key track spotlighting Rice’s storytelling ability coming in full circle, stating that “Love has the final move.”

Amusing picks up again with “Tick-Tock,” a country-twang guitar and percussion melody serving as the backbone.

“The Best Song Ever,” is a song reminiscent of the Counting Crows, and title track, “Amusing,” concludes the album – and rightfully so – truly showcasing Rice’s song writing abilities.

The production quality is really what sells this album, as every track is comprehensible, clear and precise, but also brings a sort of intimacy where you feel as if he’s singing into the ears of the audience.

Amusing is the type of record that deserves a listen on a Sunday afternoon on the way to church or just simply an album to put you in a relaxing state.

If you’re looking for an album to rock out to, this is not the album for you, but it is deserving of a spin or two.