Police Blotter for 9/5/06


9:58 a.m.

Woman reported a juvenile ran his hand down her vehicle as she was driving to pick up her son from school on West Poe Road. The juvenile reportedly chased after the woman and called her names.

2:29 p.m.

Police called to catch a 12-year-old who ran out of a school on Klotz Road. He reportedly became upset with teachers and threatened to punch them. He ran out of the building and jumped into a parked vehicle, proceeded to start it and put it in gear. He was secured by staff members.

11:03 p.m.

Ryan Wayne Steyer, 20, arrested for underage possession and open container of alcohol in Lot 4.


12:21 a.m.

Brandon D. Gibson, 18, arrested for underage possession and open container of alcohol on Thurstin Avenue.

1 a.m.

Officer confiscated a bag of marijuana found on the ground near Mac West.

1:13 a.m.

Amber L. Sapp and Andrea N. Pate, both 20, were arrested for disorderly conduct and underage possession of alcohol at a party on Campbell Hill Road. Joseph Alexander, 20, was arrested for underage drinking.

1:14 a.m.

Andrew Benschoter was cited for drug paraphernalia on Troup Avenue.

1:31 a.m.

Chelsey C. Zarate, 19, and Natasha I. Schlosser, 18, were arrested for theft at an East Wooster Street store.

2:25 a.m.

Jake W. Botimer, 21, was arrested for disorderly conduct and challenging two males to fight in Lot 1.

3:09 a.m.

Anthony P. Cifani, 20, and Daniel C. McGoun, 21, were arrested for possession of marijuana at a party at The Enclave after police were notified by security.

4:38 a.m.

Resident reported being sexually harassed in Mac East.

7:53 a.m.

Resident on Clay Street reported someone had saran wrapped her entire front porch, door and across the sidewalk to the trees.

9:01 a.m.

Woman reported her son was punched in the ear on the bus.


12:48 a.m.

Alexander J. Clarke, 20, arrested for underage possession of alcohol after officers watched Blake J. Maher, 21, pass him a marijuana cigarette on Troup Avenue. Maher was arrested for possession of marijuana.

12:51 a.m.

Matthew D. Byers, 20, Holly K. Blinn, 19, and Tricia C. Powe, 20, were arrested for underage possession of alcohol on Ada Avenue. Christine N. Kelley, 19, was arrested for a nuisance party violation.

1:28 a.m.

Female reported being assaulted by an unidentified male on East Wooster Street. He reportedly pushed her down and hit her head on the pavement. The woman said he left the area on foot. Police found him soon after and referred him to the prosecutor’s office.

2:18 a.m.

Daniel P. Iten, 19, and Matthew R. Price, 19, were arrested for underage drinking and public urination on Wooster and Prospect streets.

11:27 p.m.

Jennifer J. Hoffmann, 19, was arrested for underage possession of alcohol on Klotz Road.


12:02 a.m.

Timothy J. Walters, 18, arrested for underage possession of alcohol and possession of drug paraphernalia on Campbell Hill Road.

12:25 a.m.

Fransisco Aguilar-Lopez, 27, reported to be selling cocaine at a N. Main Street bar. He was unable to communicate in English.

1:09 a.m.

Matthew B. McNamara, 20, arrested for nuisance party violation on South College Drive.

2 a.m.

Woman reported she was punched by a short Hispanic female inside a bar on East Wooster Street. The woman reportedly continued to punched her all the way outside. She said the bar’s staff refused to call the police for her.

4:50 a.m.

Subjects reported throwing apples at drivers on North Main Street.


1:20 a.m.

Joshua Baglione, 20, was arrested at an East Wooster Street store for stealing $18 of merchandise.

1:28 a.m.

Justin S. Hoyer, 19, was arrested for disorderly conduct and public urination on East Merry Avenue.