Forensics team places third

The Falcon Forensicators placed third in the nation’s largest forensics competition, which was held on the campus of Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, Mich.

The BGSU Forensics, Speech and Debate Team, competing against 57 teams, managed to bring 36 individual awards back to the University from the Pi Kappa Delta National Tournament and Convention held March 7-10.

These individual awards include 10 winners in the top 10 percent, eight in the top 20 percent and 12 in the top 30 percent.

“We have proven ourselves this semester and last semester. These wins reinforce our talent on the team,” said junior Kenny Rogers.

Two team members earned the award of national top speaker. Junior Michelle Baker earned first place in Discussion while junior Jennifer Cole won the gold in Communication Analysis/Rhetorical Criticism.

Baker feels this win was very important to her personally.

“It’s important because forensics is a big part of my life, and it was a chance to prove myself to the world of forensics,” Baker said.

For some others, she thinks this experience served as a significant growth process, especially those who joined the team to get over their fear of public speaking.

“This proves for each of us that when you put in the time and the work, it pays off,” continued Baker.

This marks the third consecutive year BGSU has placed first in Communication Analysis/Rhetorical Criticism; it is the second for Discussion.

“This win proves not only that we do well, but we do well consistently,” said senior Sarah Griffith.

BGSU earned 30 national honors out of the total 33 events entered.

Baker said all team members were extremely focused on the convention and also participated in business meetings, receptions and officer elections.

“There was not a whole lot to do at Central Michigan so everyone was really focused,” Baker said.

Following the tournament there was an award banquet.

“There was a really big banquet where we dressed up all fancy; it has the prom feel,” Griffith said. She added there was a dinner where the awards were presented.

The Falcon Forensicators is a competitive program offered to students interested in developing not only their communication skills, but also their performance abilities.

Baker said, “You walk in to do your best, next to send a message and the last thing you’re worried about is winning.”