RSA to address concerns via the Web

The Resident Student Association is catching up with technology.

RSA has recently formed a new Web site for students to voice their concerns.

“RSA General Assemblies were not enough for students to voice their concerns, the Web site allows things to run more smoothly all across campus,” said Timothy Hampel, sophomore and director of student concerns for RSA.

Concerns that students can express through the Web site and RSA are residence hall, hall staff, program, dining hall and roommate issues.

Previously, the only way that students could voice their concerns was through their hall representatives who were chosen to attend the RSA general assemblies once a week.

One student would represent over 200 of their peers in hopes to resolve every issue.

“We have members to represent each hall at the RSA meetings, but it is hard when only one person is trying to voice the concerns of an entire dorm. The Web site is a great idea, even a discussion board could be more productive, the Web site eliminates the go between person, this way you can get your opinion out yourself,” said Jessica Wilkins, resident advisor of Kreischer Compton Darrow.

When Hampel and RSA began the Web site it got off to a slow start, with only three concerns the first day.

RSA advertised the new student concern Web site through posters in residence halls, kiosks throughout campus and table tents.

It was not until a mass e-mail was sent out to all on-campus residents that the Web site was proven effective.

“Now we receive almost 30 concerns a day,” Hampel said.

The student concerns are sent directly to the Director of Student Concerns. A committee then meets once a week to discuss the concerns and divide them up to bring them to the correct administrator to take care of.

“There hasn’t been a concern that we can’t address yet,” Hampel said.

RSA is attempting to improve the University one concern at a time.

“I don’t have many complaints about my dorm or campus, but if I did I think a Web site is a really good idea because everything is online these days, its more convenient,” said Brian Cancian, freshman.

The student concerns site can be found at