Keep reading, even in the summer

Whether you’re going home for the summer, staying here in Bowling Green or graduating and heading off to an exciting new job, it’s important to keep on top of the news.

And as many of you may not know, tomorrow’s BG News will be the last printed this semester.

But that doesn’t mean we’re shutting down; with the summer semster The BG News is resurrected as a weekly publication. For students on campus, you can find new papers in all the regular locales every Wednesday, from May 16 through July.

But for those proactive students and alumni who won’t be near campus this summer, you can find all of our content online at

You can even sign up for the BG News e-mail edition and get an electronic copy of the news in your e-mail every week.

Now we know some of you are thinking: “I don’t need to keep track of the happening in BG while I’m away, I’ll just catch back up when I get back.” But you’d be wrong.

There are a lot of major changes happening on campus this summer that everyone should be staying on top of. Imagine coming back in August and seeing a huge empty space where Saddlemire used to be!