New bookstore looks to ‘Beat’ high text prices

Artie Starner and Artie Starner

When Angela Smith and her son who is a freshman at a private college were buying books for his upcoming semester – she was repulsed.

Angela Smith said the price of books were high, and there was a lack of effort at her son’s university to attempt to make books affordable.

“We were extremely disappointed and agitated about the lack of used books at our son’s university bookstore,” Angela Smith said.

So Angela Smith and her husband Steve Smith decided to open up a bookstore that sells books to students at the lowest possible price and buys them back at the highest possible price.

“We’re basically going to buy books back for a little bit more and sell them back to student’s for a little bit less,” said Steve Russell, part owner.

Beat the Bookstore, located on the corner of Wooster Street and South College Avenue, opened Sunday.

Students can receive cash back for their books at Beat the Bookstore, but what the store owners encourage students to do is to come to the store and talk to them about building credit.

“We’re going out on a limb and saying we’ll give students the best price for their books ” we’re regionally looking to give the best prices,” said Steve Smith.

Steve Russell, part owner, said competing against the University’s bookstore and SBX won’t be an easy task.

But Russell has decided to develop marketing strategies to appeal to students like “” putting fliers in fraternity houses, Facebook and hiring students to work in the store.”

Chad Ramsey, sophomore, said although the new bookstore might work for some students, he’ll probably stick with ordering books from the University’s bookstore.

“[It] isn’t really going to affect how I purchase books,” he said. “BG’s bookstore is too easy and too convenient for me to really want to branch out.”