Blotter for May 17th


1:00 p.m.

A radar detector, valued at $125, was reported stolen from a car in campus Lot 3. The detector was taken and another one was left in its place.

1:56 p.m.

A fire safe, valued at $200, was reported stolen from a gas station on Napoleon Road. Nothing was in the safe except an Allen wrench.


12:18 a.m.

Ross A Brentlinger, 19, of Rossford, Ohio, was cited for criminal mischief after he was observed in a North Main Street parking lot lighting paper on fire and placing it near vehicles. According to a police report, Brentlinger admitted to the act, saying he knew it was a bad idea but that he liked being a “pyro” and playing with fire. Dustin A Schings, 19, of Graytown, Ohio, was with Brentlinger and was given a verbal warning.

1:23 a.m.

Robert Bannister, 18, and Antonio Adkins, 19, both of Toledo, where arrested for theft and complicity to theft respectively for shoplifting from Meijer. Store security called police after witnessing Banister and Adkins attempting to exit through the garden center with a shopping cart containing two 20-inch LCD TVs, each priced at $500, and a GPX undercabinent LCD TV with DVD player, priced at $200. Upon realizing they were being watched, the two suspects ditched the cart and tried to find another way out. They eventually left the store with the cart and were intercepted by police. Police searched Bannister and found a new cell phone and start-up kit. Bannister claimed he had recently purchased it from a friend but police found a sliced open package for the same model phone in the store.

7:27 a.m.

A satellite radio, valued at $200 was reported stolen from an unlocked car on South Church Street.

2:15 p.m.

A 2nd Street resident reported someone peering through her window. The suspect fled, possibly in a black Cadillac.

4:04 p.m.

A South College Drive resident reported a break-in. The resident was sitting in his apartment when someone tried turning the front doorknob, according to a police report. He then went to the back bedroom to find two men had crawled in through the window. The two men quickly exited back through the window and ran. The suspects remain at large.