Catholic week spreads word to campus

Saint Thomas More University Parish is sponsoring Catholic Identity Week in order to carry out the commands of their God.

Catholic Identity Week is taking place Feb. 18-25.

Josh Mocek, junior and Catholic Newman Club member, said Catholic Identity Week is “a week where we say ‘we’re proud to be Catholic.”‘

The purpose and goal of this week is to make the message of the Catholic religion more visible and accessible on campus at the University.

The Second Vatican Council states, “[the Church] has been sent by Christ to reveal and communicate the love of God.”

Of this week, Ash Wednesday is the most interesting for not only Catholics, but for the entire University.

Ash Wednesday makes the beginning of Lent, a holy season that lasts 40 days excluding Sundays.

On this day Catholics receive a cross of ashes on their forehead from the previous year’s Palm Sunday.

“You will be able to tell who the Catholics are on campus because Father Mike will put a cross of ashes on their foreheads,” said Catholic Newman Club member Amanda Tucker.

She is an active member of this organization even though she is not yet a confirmed Catholic.

“Catholic Identity Week is basically an opportunity for the Catholic students of BG to come together and show our pride and our love of our faith,” Tucker said.

The purpose of Lent is to show sacrifice of something relevant and important in an individual’s life to demonstrate the appreciation of Christ going 40 days without food and water and the sacrifice of his life.

The Catholic students, faculty and staff of BG will take part in the activities this week to raise awareness on campus.