Leaving college can be tough, but data stays behind, just in case

The University holds academic records of former students, even dated as far back when BGSU first opened. Since the University opened the Office of Registration and Records has kept all the academic records of each graduating class.

“We keep transcript and academic information forever and ever,” said Christopher Cox, registrar.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 says no student information can be released to anyone without written consent from the student or if the University considers it directory information.

This information includes a student’s name, local address, telephone, e-mail address, major, field of study, class standing, enrollment status, the student’s parent’s name, address and phone number, the student’s home address and phone number.

“As by law, we are not allowed to release any academic records without the student’s consent,” Cox said.

Also on this list are degrees and awards received by the student, dates of attendance, photographs, most recent educational institution attended and participation in officially recognized sports and activities. Cox, said this is information the University is allowed to release onto the directory Web site.

Most of the records the University keeps are on the computer, the student information system or on microfiche.

It may be on someone’s mind as to why the University keeps such records, including information about past graduates and current students.

“We mainly keep these records for directory purposes,” said Susan Landversicht, the alumni office’s records management officer. The Alumni Association is known for its way of giving back to the community, and on the Alumni Office’s Web page, recent graduates place recent happenings about themselves so other alumni can see.

According to Landversicht, their department keeps the academic information they initially get from Registration and Records and anything else alumni to send out to vendors, like credit card and insurance companies, as well as other vendors.

These vendors are life and health insurance that cater to recent graduates who lost their insurance when they graduated. The online community of alumni are aware of what personal information is available, according to Susan Dunn, applications system administrator for the Office of Advancement Services.

“Only this office deals with a program called Infinity. This is where our vendors come from,” Dunn said.

“Things like what student organizations someone was in or scholarship information is put on the site. We try to connect someone’s spouse’s information as well,” Landversicht said.